Art and Craft


The main objectives of primary school art and design are to develop:

  • awareness of shape, color and texture
  • a sense of touch as well as vision
  • practical and manipulative skills
  • powers of observation and judgement
  • emotional responses
  • to know about great artists and designers and to have understanding about the historical and cultural development of their art forms

We do this by providing opportunities to try the following art forms: drawing, painting. Textiles, printmaking.

By the time the children leave primary school all children should be able to express themselves confidently in each of the art forms attempted. They should be able to use the tools, equipment and materials safely and correctly and be able to prepare and complete work independently. They should be able to plan their work and relate it to the work of significant artists.

We put a great emphasis on making the environment in school attractive and purposeful. Children’s work is displayed with care and is given a high profile. Whenever possible, local artists and parents are invited to share their expertise and enthusiasm with the pupils.