Science Lab

Children are encouraged to carry out their own investigations and find out things for themselves. Opportunities are given whereby children conduct experiments making appropriate observations, measurements and recordings of their work. They are progressively guided into devising their own investigations. They study:

Life Processes and Living Things

How they grow, eat, move and keep healthy. The study of animals, plants, humans and their habitats.

Seasonal Changes

The study of changes in weather according to the seasons.

Materials and their Properties

The study of solids, liquids and gases. How squashing, stretching, heating and cooling can change these things. We also teach Forces and Magnets and the properties of these.


Linked to geography – the study of rocks and fossils.

Physical Processes

This includes the study of electricity, energy, light and sound. How sound is made and altered; the meaning of hot and cold; how to make an electrical circuit and sight are all aspects that are covered.

Evolution & Inheritance

To recognize that living things have changed over time and fossils provide information about living things from millions of years ago. Also that an offspring is not necessarily identical to its parents although it is of the same kind. How animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment in different ways and that adaptation may lead to evolution.